New Technology Side By Side With Tradition

Over the years, we have made improvements both in the vineyards and in our vinification and ageing cellars, allowing new technological developments to stand by side with tradition.

Richly structured and well-balanced reds like our Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella, resulting from strict grape selection in the vineyard, are left to mature in small wooden barrels in our historic underground cellars at Illasi and Colognola.

A certain amount of white wine also matures in tonneaux, in order to obtain full-bodied wines such as our Soave Superiore Riserva D.O.C.G., Recioto di Soave “Alesium” and the extraordinary and original Tanbé Bianco.

The combination of a winemaking tradition stretching back over four generations and the brilliant, creative vision of oenologist Luigi Andreoli have given rise to the wines of Villa Canestrari. Deriving as they do from an inspired and personal interpretation, our wines are distinctive and characterful, whilst at the same time remaining traditional and typical of their denominations.

La cantina di Colognola ai Colli di Villa Canestrari