The Selection Of The Most Suitable Grapes

The harvest is the fundamental period in our year’s work. The vines, nurtured and cared for with tenacity and attention, reward us with their marvellous fruit, now at an optimum degree of ripeness.

We begin the harvest by selecting the most suitable grapes for making Recioto and Amarone della Valpolicella: the most loosely-packed bunches are picked and laid in small crates, which are then taken from the vineyards to the drying loft, where they will rest and “semi-dry” before being pressed.

Picking Is Carried Out Strictly By Hand

We then carry on with the harvest, picking strictly by hand: a proportion of these grapes is lightly dried in crates and will give life to our Valpolicella Superiore, whereas the rest goes to produce our wines for drinking young, Valpolicella Doc “Terre di Lanoli” and Soave Doc “Vigne di Sande”.

To make some wines like our Soave Riserva Superiore D.O.C.G. or our “Tanbè”, we need bunches that are particularly ripe, with different sugar levels and characteristics compared to the grapes that have been picked previously. It is now time for the “late harvest”, which begins after the main harvest: just enough time to allow the grapes to reach, in a natural way, the right ripeness.