“By Microclimate Is It Meant A Local Climate Characterized By The Presence Of Peculiar Topographical And Environmental Elements”.


The particular configuration of the Alps to the north of our zone means that our vineyards are protected from cold winds blowing from that direction; also, the influence of Lake Garda produces a climate that is almost Mediterranean, with extremely little snow, in which vines, olive trees and agaves all thrive.

The soils of glacial-morainic and volcanic origins provide each valley with different peculiarities; this aspect, together with the influence of the climate, favours the cultivation of indigenous grapes such as Corvina and Corvinone for the Valpolicella wines, and Garganega and Trebbiano for the production of Soave.

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The Vineyards

All of our vineyards are situated in the hilly zone to the east of Verona known as the Illasi Valley, in the communes of Colognola ai Colli and Illasi itself.

The variety of the soils, which are of alluvial limestone with a tendency towards becoming gravel, and have a volcanic substratum, or which have been formed from a layer of rubble from calcareous marine rocks, determine – along with the heterogeneous nature of our microclimates – the typical characteristics of our products. In the last few years, we have remodelled and replanted our vineyards, adopting agricultural criteria that highlight and enhance the quality and uniqueness of our wines without, however, altering their typical characteristics.

We farm with passion some twenty hectares of well-exposed vineyards, cultivated partly with Guyot and partly with the Veronese Pergola training system.

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