Grappa di Valpolicella Villa Canestrari

Grappa di Valpolicella


Bottle 500 ml


Distilled from our perfectly healthy Valpolicella grape pomace, fermented and very delicately pressed using the traditional method. The pomace is taken to the distillery on the day fermentation is complete, or the day after at the latest. The distillate is kept in stainless steel tanks; this way it retains all of its aromas and does not lose any of the characteristics that distinguish it from other spirits. Crystal-clear and transparent, it has a very clean, attractive bouquet, which gives an idea of the quality of grapes it is made from. Even though it is warm, robust and full-bodied on the palate, it is fruity, velvety and well-balanced. Excellent after a meal: alone, with a cup of coffee or added to the coffee for a perfectly natural digestif.