Museo del Vino, il libro con gli appunti del 1886

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Wine Museum

Our Wine Museum was set up to celebrate the work of four generations of vine-growers and winemakers, but also to show younger visitors how hard – yet fascinating – the working life of our grandparents and great-grandparents was. Older visitors, on the other hand, can admire with a certain nostalgia agricultural equipment that harks back to the early days of mechanization in our sector.

The History

Wine Museum

The museum is divided up into several rooms. In the largest one, there is a collection of equipment and tools that date back to the beginning of the 20th century: there are instruments used for drying the grapes, various kinds of filters and bottling machines.

In the office used in the 1920s are displayed old typewriters and ledgers that belonged to the family. A historical gem to be found in this room is a notebook dated 1886, which contains jottings on wine and wine-making by Carlo Bonuzzi, an ancestor of Villa Canestrari’s owners. In 1888 he qualified as a winemaker at the Royal School of Viticulture and Oenology in Conegliano Veneto, thus giving a new quality impetus to the family’s activity as wine producers. A staircase leads down to the villa’s underground cellar, where our Amarone Riserva ages for several years. On the first floor of the Museum there is the reconstruction of a laboratory: in this highly evocative setting are displayed examples of old instruments for analysing wines.

The “grain loft”, where the grapes used to be left to dry in order to make the Reciotos, has been converted into a conference hall where our wine-tasting courses and other wine-related events are held. These enable visitors to gain a deeper knowledge of wine and winemaking and learn how to recognize flavours, scents and aftertastes, as well as how to match wines with food. The Museum is also an Educational Centre, so we are delighted to welcome school groups and students.

Museo del vino di Verona - l'antico ufficio

To preserve and pass on the culture of growing grapes and making wine
From the second half of the 19th to the second half of the 20th century
Old and ancient instruments for producing wine and putting it into various containers
Original manuscripts and period ledgers

Corsi e Degustazioni

Nei nostri spazi si possono organizzare Corsi di formazione e occasioni di degustazione di prodotti, sia legati al mondo del vino che in altri ambiti commerciali.


Negli spazi del Museo ci sono sale particolarmente adatte a ricevimenti per le occasioni speciali, una cucina di supporto completa la possibilità di trasformare il vostro evento in maniera unica.

Attività didattica

Il Museo è anche Fattoria Didattica, quindi una particolare accoglienza sarà dedicata alle scuole.

Contattateci per fissare la visita.

Museo dl Vino


Villa Canestrari museo del vino sala per banchetti

Le visite, sempre su appuntamento, sono aperte a tutti.
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